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A Comprehensive Guide to COPD Diagnosis and Management

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is known to affect 13 million people in the United States and millions more may be undiagnosed. It is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Worldwide morbidity and mortality is similarly extensive. Appropriate management can greatly improve the morbidity of this disease. This series, moderated by Dr. Margaret Johnson, provides up-to-date, evidence-based, practical guidance to all providers who care for patients across the full spectrum of COPD.

Moderated by:
Margaret Johnson, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine; Chair, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Florida
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Expert Presentations
Andrew Namen, MD, FCCP, FAASM Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Alexander S. Niven, MD Senior Associate Consultant, Division of Pulmonary / Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, MD, MSc Consultant, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona
Matthew Stritt, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care, Mary Lanning Healthcare
Margaret Johnson, MD Associate Professor of Medicine, Chair, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Florida
Brendon Colaco, MBBS Senior Associate Consultant, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
Latest Comments
"Dr. Colaco: What is the role of CPAP machine in some of the more difficult to treat patients?

Thank you!"
Zia Wahid, MD
Associate Clinical Professor, Vanderbilt University.
"My question actually has to do with acute copd exacerbations requiring hospitalizations.

I regularly see nebulized laba PLUS scheduled albuterol/ipra nebs 4 or even 6 times per day on the floor PLUS prn nebs ( and steroids, etc). However, in the units, we never use this strategy, and rely only on albuterol/ipra nebs ( plus steroids, etc), and the patients do quite well.

What percentage of the time do you use nebulized laba plus not just prn, but scheduled short acting nebs in the hospital ?

Cary Chrisman, PharmD

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